Madonna and sex are synonymous, so when Madonna makes an appearance in The Carrie Diaries, we all know where this episode is headed. At least where it was supposed to lead…

This week’s Madonna-filled episode, “A First Time For Everything,” begins with Sebastian telling Carrie he loves her and Carrie telling Sebastian she wants to bang. Thus begins a string of potential sex stories. However, with sex brings a bunch of problems (who knew?). Problems like having sex for the first time, having sex with someone you hate and having sex while kids are under the same roof.  For some reason, everyone seems to be getting some except for Carrie.  Mouse is very concerned with becoming number one and she joined pretty much every club to do so. But West had the same idea. These two absolutely hate each other so much, they gathered tons of sexual frustrations that explode all at the same time during a late night meeting filling boxes with chocolates. Dorrit is learning about sex and even Papa Bradshaw got some.  Now why is it so hard for Carrie to do what she wants for a change? Probably because she wants too much.

Photo Credit: The CW Network

Photo Credit: The CW Network

Being the perfectionist that she is, telling Sebastian she loves him too isn’t as simple as saying four little words. It had to be a specially planned and choreographed moment. It had to be after a perfect night at a major NY party, at a fancy hotel, and on the perfect night.  Too bad for Carrie that her fantastically ambitious ways always get in the way. But honestly, from the moment Carrie didn’t reciprocate Sebastian’s love in the beginning of the episode, I knew the relationship was doomed. Maybe the couple tried and hoped for the perfect evening, but they didn’t fight very hard for it, they only fought each other. Every moment they had together after the diner had a tiny fight attached, however subtle it may have been. And every time Sebastian said, “I’m fine on my own,” it was as if the writers were trying to beat us over the head with foreshadowing. We all knew Carrie couldn’t resist an opportunity to work and get her career started (thank goodness), but at what cost? The Carrie Diaries universe gave Bradshaw signs all night from the VIP refusal to the romantic giant wristed man to the famous songwriter asking Carrie why she wasn’t with her boyfriend right that moment. For someone so smart and ambitious, Carrie can really be blind sometimes. And that blindness and distraction lead to the one thing Carrie can’t handle: a breakup.

That breakup might have been a tad premature, but boy, did Carrie deserve it. Sebastian was the voice of reason during all of their fighting, and Carrie couldn’t handle it. She needs to be in control at all times and wants to be herself, but she doesn’t realize that relationships are about compromise and handwork. Carrie wanted the relationship to work as easily as her internship did for her career: handed over on a silver platter. Hate to break it to you, Bradshaw, but you’re not some princess that gets waited on hand and foot. Even Madonna had to work hard to get her “Like A Virgin” status.

Now that things are over between Carrie and Sebastian (again), where does that leave us for the season finale? With a whole lot of questions. Will Carrie finally tell Sebastian her true feelings? Will she be able to put her pride aside? Does this mean Carrie will finally take time to work on herself and focus on her career? Will Mouse and West be able to have a healthy relationship while competing against one another? Will Walt and Maggie come back and be relevant? Who knows!

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Kristel Lugo/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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