Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries was filled with lots of twists, turns and incredible moments. It was so hard for me to narrow them down to only 5 because they are so many moments that I love, but I think I picked 5 great ones!

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1) The first scene I chose was the last scene of episode 2. This was a very emotional scene and one of my favorites because these characters have lost so much in their lives and they never had the time to grieve over the people they lost. I love that they took the time to honor the characters that we all love, but are not there anymore. The scene was also so beautiful.  The floating lanterns are so pretty and a great metaphor. The characters’ lives revolve around supernatural aspects and problems, but lighting lanterns is such a human thing to do.

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2) My second moment is when Klaus kills all of his hybrids on episode 9.  This scene stands out because it is such an intense situation, but with the addition of the Christmas song “O Holy Night” playing in the background while Klaus is killing his hybrids, the scene is taken to another, creepy level . The choreography, special effects and directing of this scene were amazing! Klaus is one of my favorite characters and Joseph Morgan did a great job of showing the betrayal and anger Klaus was feeling in that moment.

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3) My third moment is the return of another one of my favorite characters, Katherine, on episode 14. I love it because she always comes back in the most unexpected moments. When she returns, we see scenes between Katherine and Elena and it always amazes me how great Nina Dobrev is when she plays both characters. Fortunately, we had a lot of scenes with these two together in this season. Yes, it is a sad scene because she kills Jeremy, but we haven’t seen Katherine in so long that I couldn’t help but be more excited than sad.

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Photo Credit: CW TV

 4) The next moment I chose was Elena’s breakdown after Jeremy died. Everything about Elena’s reaction was perfect for me. She felt every emotion, starting with her denial when she first hears the news and finally her final acceptance that the last member of her family is gone. Dobrev took Elena to another level when she was ready to burn down her home and all her memories with it. The acting was amazing! Dobrev went deep into feeling all the pain in the world to not feeling anything at all after she turns off her emotions. She made the audience feel the pain, loss and need to forget.


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5) The last of my favorite moments from season 4 is when all of the ghosts of past characters came back to spend one last day with their love ones. I cried most of the episode… I didn’t realize how much I missed these characters and their relationships with the others until I saw them again. It was a little piece of happiness around all of the tragedy. I always loved the friendship between Alaric and Damon, so seeing them talking like old friends brought back great memories. The reaction of Elena when she sees Jeremy is really heart-breaking. But my favorite reunion was between Stefan and Lexi. I felt just like Stefan felt; anxiously waiting for Lexi to appear. Their friendship is so good because Lexi is the sister Stefan always wanted and he is more fun when she is around. The scene was amazing, but I am sad that Aunt Jenna couldn’t come back because she is not supernatural.These are my top 5 favorite moments from Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries! What is your favorite moment?

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