Spoiler Alert! If you have not seen The Bling Ring, this isn’t a review, it is more of an analysis.

Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring really caught my attention. After reading CW44’s Couch Potato’s review (which you can see here) of the film, I was super curious: who were these hoodlums and why did they feel they could be so brazen about their crimes?  

Needless to say, I had to see it for myself. After seeing The Bling Ring, I was left with more questions than answers(as I’m sure many of you were if you have seen the movie).

Photo Credit: www.businessinsider.com

Photo Credit: businessinsider.com

First of all…

Where’s the ending?


Why didn’t Sam get arrested and punished like the rest of the gang? She broke into celebrities’ houses, as well. Where is her punishment?

Why does the movie focus so much on Nicki (Emma Watson’s character) towards the end? Why is she SO important?

Did Rebecca sell all of her friends out and make it look like it was all “their idea?” Why didn’t she point the cops to Marc to find all the stolen items like she said she would if they would let her go free?

Well… after researching what really happened a few years ago in Los Angeles, California, I found some of my answers:

Every single member involved in these robberies pleaded ” no contest” to felony burglary charges, and the case never even went to trial. It’s hard to know what could have happened to these teenagers if it had gone to trial.

Alexis Neiers, Emma Watson’s character “Nicki”, said that the film is written in favor of LAPD Detective Brett Goodkin and Vanity Fair writer Nancy Joe Sales.  She also said that the Detective and the writer penned the 2010 article that dubbed Neiers and her friends as “The Bling Ring.” It seems as though the Detective and the writer are two people who are celebrity status obsessed, fame seekers and money hungry just like “The Bling Ring” suspects. Aren’t we all though?

Neiers actually shared a cell block with Lindsay Lohan during her time in jail. After her release, Neiers expressed in an interview that Lohan would cry in her cell for hours, especially during her first few days there. They never spoke at all! Interesting, huh?

Below is a picture of the real suspects involved in “The Bling Ring” robberies. Obviously, some of the names were changed for the movie and some characters were eliminated to match Hollywood’s taste for the film.

Photo Credit: www.trutv.com

Photo Credit: trutv.com

Now we all know that when true life stories are portrayed in movies, they are not always 100% accurate, but one fact that was indeed accurate about the movie was that the homes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Audrina Partridge and CW’s very own Rachel Bilson were all broken into by teenagers who stole many valuable and precious items. In fact, the house we see as Paris Hilton’s home in the film is her actual home. She allowed cameras to enter and film for the sake of realness of the film.

Photo Credit: www.olsen-twins-news.com

Photo Credit: olsen-twins-news.com

Photo Credit: Sofia Coppola

Photo Credit: Sofia Coppola

In my opinion, I thought “The Bling Ring” was an okay movie. Yes, it was interesting and yes, I always love a good movie that is based on a true story or true events, but what was more interesting to me was that people actually thought they could steal from celebrities and they actually DID IT. Yes, it was wrong, but WHAT A STORY! Right?

My only question is: why wasn’t there more security on these so-called celeb homes?

Ashley Damschen/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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