The TVD 100th Episode airs Thursday (1/23) at 8pm!

Reaching 100 episodes in a series is an amazing achievement! The 100th episode of a series is always exciting and has a big moment that changes the story line and surprises people.

The CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries will have their 100th episode in the upcoming 5th season! Based on previous CW shows, I started thinking of different situations that can happen in The Vampire Diaries’ 100th episode.

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These are my 4 predictions for episode 100!

1) A wedding! Weddings are great for the story because they change how characters interact and it’s easy to have all of your main characters together in the same story line. It worked for Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill… unfortunately, these weddings did not have happy endings. Maybe two of our TVD characters can get married and actually live happily ever after! If there was a wedding, which couple would you like to see get married?


2) The death of a character. It’s always horrible to say goodbye to a character, but it always brings great future story lines and a shift in characters personalities. I love the character of Katherine, but now that she is human, she is the most vulnerable character and the one most likely to die, especially because everybody is against her. I think it’ll be interesting because so many characters have a history with Katherine and have been influenced by her.  Knowing that she is gone for good can bring a change in their personalities and I would be interested to see how the Salvatore brothers react. What do you think? If a character has to die, who do you think will be?

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3) Bringing a character back to life. I know they just brought Jeremy back to life, but after seeing the last two episodes of the 4th season, I realize how much I missed the characters that are gone. I would love to have Lexi or Alaric or even Aunt Jenna back in the world of the living. Also, Bonnie died this past season! They need to bring her back! How is Elena and everyone else going to fix all their problems if their bad-ass witch is not there to help them?! If you can have a character back, who would it be?


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4) A cross-over episode between TVD and The Originals. I would love to have our Mystic Falls characters visit Klaus in New Orleans. Of course, the issue here is why would they go when they hate him and are glad he is finally out of their lives? But maybe they need his help to kill Katherine and/or bring Bonnie back from the dead? Also, I need to have a Caroline and Klaus reunion! I love them as a couple and I am sad that they will not be in the same show anymore, which is why a cross-over would be perfect! What do you think? Would you like to see the cast together again?


Which prediction would you like to see?

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