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Every season of The Vampire Diaries has tons of twist and turns, but the moments that always leave the audience in shock are the amazing season finales! They leave the fans waiting with anticipation until the next season. I think that these scenes are so unbelievably good that they deserve to be talked about. Let’s reminisce together!

Season 1: We meet Katherine!

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Audiences never saw this finale coming. They were too excited or mad that Elena finally kissed Damon to even consider that an even bigger shock was coming. Then you get a nice father-daughter talk between Elena and John where he finally explains why he hated vampires. All of a sudden, Elena grabs a knife and chops off all of John’s fingers (OMG!!) to get rid off his life-saving ring, of course. Then you realize that it is KATHERINE! The scene ends with the real Elena getting home and Katherine and John are gone. They don’t know Katherine is in Mystic Falls! As if this situation wasn’t intense enough, you have Jeremy drinking all of Ana’s blood and trying to overdose on pills! Crazy!

Season 2: Jeremy can see ghosts and Stefan ODs on blood!  

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During the season 2 finale, Damon was dying from a werewolf bite. Klaus reveals that his blood is the only thing that can save a vampire from a werewolf bite. Klaus, being the villain that he is, doesn’t offer his blood willingly. He wanted Stefan to drink human blood and go back to his ripper attitude. Stefan, being the good brother that he is, accepts the offer to save his brother. Before he leaves Mystic Falls with Klaus, he drinks countless bags of human blood and feeds on an innocent person. Then, because the writers wanted to take their story even further and leave the audience even more in shock, they gave Jeremy the ability to see and talk to ghosts! Well, at least now he can talk with all his dead ex-girlfriends.

Season 3: Elena is a Vampire!

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In true Vampire Diaries tradition the season 3 finale left us with lots of OMG cliffhangers as well. One of the major twists from this finale was Bonnie’s deal with Klaus to transfer his soul into Tyler’s body! Also, Elena picked Stefan because, although she developed feelings for Damon, she never stopped loving Stefan. She says that maybe everything would have been different if she had met Damon first… which leads us to the twist. We learned that Damon actually met Elena before Stefan, but Damon compelled her to forget. BUT, the biggest twist of all is that Elena turned into a vampire! I knew it was eventually going to happen because she turns into a vampire in the books, but it happened sooner than I expected and it was so sudden!

Season 4: Stefan is Silas’ Doppelganger!


Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries ended a couple of months ago, and I am still trying to process everything that happened. Bonnie brings Jeremy back to life, but she pays the ultimate price. Yes, Bonnie dies and becomes a ghost only Jeremy can see. Katherine becomes human! Elena has lost so many people she loves because of Katherine, so she took her vengeance by making Katherine drink the cure to make her human. And because all these twists weren’t enough, the writers created one of my favorite plot twists, Stefan is Silas’ doppelgänger! Not only he is the doppelgänger, but Silas decided to trap him in a safe and dump him into the lake!

Fweh! The memories give me goosebumps! I cannot wait to see what new twists the next season has in store! And The Vampire Diaries is approaching their 100th episode which should be riddled with excitement! Check out my 4 predictions for the 100th episode here!

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