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Last  month, we brought you The CW Love Triangles (click here for that post) from some of our favorite shows. We weren’t able to include all of our favorite couples last time, so we had to write another post! This time, we will discuss the controversial triangles from our series Arrow, One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries. 

The Vampire Diaries

Growing Pains

Caroline and Tyler


Caroline and Klaus


They started the show as friends but, by the second season, they grew much closer. Caroline and Tyler confided in each other with their supernatural secrets and Caroline helped Tyler through his transformations. Their biggest problem is that Tyler always has to leave town for some reason (namely because Klaus wants to kill him). But somehow, their love has remained strong while they are apart from each other.

As the series progresses, Klaus falls for Caroline more and more because he thinks she’s too smart to be seduced by him. He likes her strong and full of light personality. Klaus shows a different side of himself when he is with Caroline. It may seem that the love is not reciprocated, but the sparks are too strong to be ignored. Caroline is intrigued by Klaus, but feels confused; she can’t figure out why she is attracted to a man who is so evil. Klaus may be leaving for The Originals, but there is still hope for this couple. After all, Klaus did say that he plans to be Caroline’s last love.


Honor Thy Father

Oliver and Laurel


Oliver and Felicity

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Oliver and Laurel used to date before the boat accident, but his presumed death is not the biggest relationship problem. Oliver cheated on her with her sister (EW!) who was also in the boat but didn’t survive the accident. Although Oliver cheated, he was in love with Laurel and the thoughts of her and his hope to see her again were what motivated him to survive while he was on the island. Laurel is hurt from everything Oliver did to her, but she cannot deny that she still has feelings for him.

Felicity is the perfect addition to Oliver’s team. This is a couple that started their story in social media. The audience fell in love with the character of Felicity and they love when she and Oliver interact. They have a lot of charisma together and a spark between them. Felicity and Oliver don’t have the history that Oliver and Laurel share, but right now, she is the only woman who knows him the best. She clearly thinks he is attractive (who doesn’t!?!) and he trusts her with his secret and values her opinions.

One Tree Hill


Lucas and Peyton


Lucas and Brooke


This triangle happened a long time ago, but it’s still one of my favorite because I really believe that both girls were good for Lucas for different reasons. Lucas has been in love with Peyton since the first time he saw her. It took them several seasons to finally make it work, but you knew that they had something special since the beginning. Peyton is the person Lucas wants next to him when his dreams come true. Lucas helped Peyton with her problems; every time she felt lost and confused, he was there to save her. He always protected her.

Lucas is the first man Brooke ever loved. He is the first man she let in and she showed him the real her. Lucas likes Brooke because she is fun and full of light, and she becomes attracted to him because she is intrigued by him. Their first relationship didn’t go so well, but they become really good friends in the second season and start to really care for one another. Lucas knows that Brooke is going to be very successful in life and believes she has the ability to change the world. During their relationship in the third season, they were really in love and were good for each other.

That is all for the second segment of The CW Love Triangles! Which CW love triangle do you wish made the list?

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