Katy Perry’s new album ‘Prism’ was released TODAY (October 21st)! All of Katy’s fans expressed their excitement over the album release via Twitter. Katy is already thanking her fans for the positive feedback she has been receiving.

I listened to some of the album this morning and couldn’t help but notice that most of her new songs sound as if they are directed towards an ex-lover (cough, Russell Brand, cough). The album takes a nice turn though; Katy gets light towards love again. I guess that’s why she keeps saying ‘Prism’ “lets the light in”. Does boyfriend John Mayer have something to do with Katy’s new positive attitude?

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Like everyone else, we are anticipating Katy having at least 5+ hits from this album like she did from the last one. Congrats on the release of your new album, Katy!

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You can celebrate with Katy during The iHeartRadio Album Release Party on CW44, Friday night at 9pm! For more info on her special, check out our post The iHeartRadio Album Release Party With Katy Perry!

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Morgan Pacheco/ CW44 Tampa Bay