I’m sure I could come up with way more than 15 things that girls hate about guys, but we narrowed it down to our favorites.

1. When they don’t notice something new.

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Nothing is more aggravating than a guy that doesn’t notice your new outfit or haircut. We probably got it to impress you so throw us a little compliment!

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/ChazDean

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/ChazDean

2. Forgetting about us.

We don’t need constant, 24/7 attention, but we don’t want to be forgotten.

3. Calling us “crazy”.

Let’s be honest, there are some psycho girls out there, but many guys confuse “caring” for “crazy”. This is where we differ.

4. Being addicted to video games.

Sure, there are some gamer chicks out there, but no girl likes a guy who neglects us for a video game controller. The Xbox will be there later!

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Variety)

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Variety)

5. Lying to us.

Lying makes us feel like the man doesn’t trust us. Be real!

6. Being called “bro”.


7. Being second best.

If I’m not number one, then I’m number none.

8. Being clingy.

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We want a good balance of communication. Don’t text your girl every second of the day because you will be blocked.

9. Lack of understanding.

Girls usually have good, caring intentions. Men shouldn’t misinterpret it as being needy or obsessive.

10.Men with no motivation.

Girls hate guys that are immature and have no desire to succeed. Pick up a book and put down the toys.

11. Guys that don’t want to have fun.

We will forever want to go out, explore and have a good time. Don’t try to prevent that or we’ll do it with someone else.


If you spell “tonight” like “2night”, you are out! Am I not worth the extra few letters?

(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

13. Cocky men.

Don’t brag about your looks or your car or your money; modest is hottest.

14. Being afraid to talk to us.

Don’t have a fake conversation with us. Be genuine and funny or else…

15. Lastly, guys that want to argue.

We do not want to argue or fight ever. We want to bathe in happiness! Please!

Ladies, what really bugs you about guys?

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