On top of their great acting chops and stellar good looks, our CW stars have GIANT hearts. The stars of TVD, in particular, are popping up on the “giving back” radar more and more.

Ian Somerhalder created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in an effort to better our planet and those living on it. Nina Dobrev works everyday to promote Safety for Sarah, an organization created after the death of TVD crew member Sarah Jones. Paul Wesley uses his celebrity for good with the Humane Society. In fact, Paul was honored his work with the Huame Society!

 (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Humane Society)

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Humane Society)

Paul has fast become one of the HSUS’s famous faces, but he doesn’t do it for the recognition. Variety reported Paul as being very humble when honored at the Humane Society Gala. He said,

“I know that one of the main reasons that I’m here is because I happen to be on a television series that has a massive youth following.”

Although it may be true that Paul’s celebrity has made him so recognizable with the Humane Society, he does work very hard for the cause. His goal is to inspire the youth to take on a cause bigger than them and become really passionate about it. At the Gala, he went on to say,

“I think it’s really important for me to say with confidence that, based on the interactions that I’ve had with Vampire Diaries fans all over the world, young people today are comprised of an incredible morally grounded generation. When presented with logic and with facts, they want to do the right thing. So ultimately I think this Humane Generation Award is representative of the younger generation that want to and will take the right steps to create a positive change for the future.”

You couldn’t for a man more sweet than Paul Wesley! We TVD fans are so proud to call him one of our own!

Vanessa Rao/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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