Being born in raised in Florida you learn a few things along the way- sunscreen is imperative, Floridians hate going to baseball games (sorry Rays) AND sunglasses are really important. Not only are sunglasses needed to shade your eyes from the sun, but also they are also a great fashion accessory.

This got me thinking, every fashionable lady needs at least four pairs of sunglasses to properly get you through this scorching Florida summer.

1. Aviators

Aviators are one of my favorite types of sunglasses, and they’re great because the shape tends to look good on most face-shapes. If you find that some aviators don’t look good on you, look for a different shaped lenses (ex. square, round, egg-shaped) until you find the shape for you. Also switch up the style with different colored or mirrored lenses.

How to wear them…

2. Cat Eye

This style of sunglasses is very retro and it’s part of the reason why I love cat-eye sunglasses so much. The cat-eye was a huge trend back in the 50s, but the edges of the glasses were much more pointed then. In 2014, the cat-eye is a less dramatic, but still looks very ladylike and chic.

Because of the many shapes, cat-eye sunglasses can work for just about anyone, just try a few until you find your perfect pair.

How to wear them…

Credit: CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: CW44 Tampa Bay

3. Wayfarer

The Ray-Ban company first started making the wayfarer style in the mid 1950s, and at the time the design was revolutionary. Wayfarers have been cited as the best-selling design of sunglasses in history, although they haven’t always been so popular. They started in the 50s, had a huge comeback in the 1980s and since the mid-2000s, the sunglasses have been enjoying another revival. This style is classic and I can’t imagine a time when these sunglasses won’t be in style. Also, these glasses are pretty much universally flattering.

How to wear them…

4. Funky

When all else fails go for something with style. Now these aren’t probably going to be your “everyday” glasses, but it’s fun to have a pair that you can have fun with. If you’re unsure, then start off with a classic shape (wayfarers, cat-eye, etc.) and buy them in a fun color. If you’re not a colored glasses person then find a black or tortoise pair in a funky shape.

These shades will keep people looking at your actual eyes while at the beach this summer. 😉

How to wear them…

Are there any must-have styles I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay


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