Tim Goodman Falls in Love with The CW!By Vanessa

After years of harsh criticism and angry reviews, Tim Goodman has found love.

The Hollywood Reporter’s chief TV critic, Tim Goodman, has no trouble voicing his distaste. In fact, when concerning our network, The CW, Goodman has been quite loud about his feelings. Goodman recently wrote,

“…whoa, I have really and utterly hated a lot of The CW’s programming. For a while there, I was pulling muscles just jumping up and down on some of their offerings.”

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Yupp, that’s pretty bad!

But something amazing has happened. Tim Goodman, the same Tim Goodman that has ridiculed CW programming to no end, has grown a heart.

Photo Credit: The CW

Photo Credit: The CW


During the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Goodman saw The Flash and Jane the Virgin and “loved them.” Yes, “love” was his word choice!

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Goodman seemed SUPER excited about Jane the Virgin. In a recent article for THR, he said,

“…it was thoroughly enjoyable, filled with solid writing, the superb execution of a complicated idea and a whip-smart accuracy on the show’s tone, which until you see it you won’t understand how difficult that was to pull off.”

He went on to rave about Jane, herself, played by Gina Rodriguez. He gushed,

“But right in the midst of all that goodness is Gina Rodriguez, who plays the title character. Not only is Rodriguez flat-out amazing in this role, she will be, without a doubt, the breakout star of the fall season.

While not much for comic-books, Goodman had nothing but praise for The Flash. He proclaimed,

“What I saw in that pilot has me hooked.”

It’s official, Tim Goodman is utterly and madly in love!

If we haven’t expressed our love for the upcoming fall shows enough, please allow me to reiterate. Jane the Virgin and The Flash are MUST SEES… Tim Goodman says so!

Read Goodman’s full article on The Hollywood Reporter.

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Catch the premiere of Jane the Virgin and The Flash this October on CW44!