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Stephen Amell may be a hero to you and me, but airport security doesn’t feel the same way.

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The CW

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The Canadian actor lives a double life these days. He shoots Arrow in Vancouver, Canada but travels to the states for appearances and interviews quite often. While frequent travel may seem normal for a masked vigilante, airport security raises an eyebrow. Stephen shared his recent fun-filled adventure at the airport on his Facebook page.

At the airport very early this morning coming into the US. Was flagged and brought into the secondary inspection area, where the following exchange took place:

Me: This is strange, I come across the border all the time.

Agent: That might be part of the problem. It seems your travel habits have set off an alert that you’re a likely candidate for the transport of either narcotics or cash.

Me: …………… Really?

Agent: Really. Need to ask some follow up questions and go through your bag. I’d prefer to just tell my superiors that you’re the (expletive) Arrow, but there are procedures we need to follow.

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That exchange is priceless. The agent wanted to give him a break, but rules are rules. I must admit that if I were working customs and saw “the (expletive) Arrow” come through my line, I would do my civic duty, stop him and demand a strip search… I mean, it is the American thing to do!

Luckily, Stephen’s bags were clean and he continued his travels. He’s the f*?%# Arrow, it’s his job to obey the law!

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay