I have a problem. Her name is Ariana Grande. While many praise the ground Ms. Grande walks on, I beg to differ (as usual).

I am, however, willing to give credit where credit is due. Ariana has proved herself as a stellar songstress. Her voice is reminiscent of the legendary Mariah Carey, though Ariana may not agree. She destroyed the definition of the typical, broken, child TV stars and kicked her Nickelodeon pigeon hold to the curb. Someone is managing her career like a pro.

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But is the half-pipe superstar a bit of a pain? New data points to yes. Perez Hilton reported that Ariana canceled a photo shoot because she wasn’t happy with some of the pics taken. Her shoot photographer, Chris Pavlich, refused to delete the unwanted photos and Ariana subsequently shut EVERYTHING down! Perez reports that even after Ariana left the shoot, her bodyguard approached Chris and again asked for the photos to be deleted. Hey, if a hissy-fit doesn’t work, let’s try brute force!

But wait, there’s more! Ariana’s list of interview demands leaves little on the table. Perez reported that her list of interview restrictions includes:

  1. Don’t ask about relationships/dating/ex-boyfriends
  2. Don’t ask about Mariah Carey
  3. Don’t ask about Sam & Cat OR Jennette McCurdy
  4. Don’t ask about her collaboration with Justin Bieber
  5. Don’t ask about her grandfather’s death
  6. Don’t use natural light.


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This list seems a bit excessive for a young starlet. What happens if you use natural light? Does she turn into a vampire?? And what is left to be discussed? Is one allowed to ask about her big head, or is that a no-no, as well?

My opinion is obvious. I believe that little Ariana is wading in dangerous water. She is too fresh to be so demanding. Her mega-fit in Australia may be just the beginning of a tumultuous relationship with the media that was once so positive.

I’m sure many Ariana super fans are yelling at their computers and cursing my name. I mean, what do I know? Ariana may just be misunderstood. Is she embodying the diva persona that we expect in a singing phenomenon?

You decide.

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay