Time and time again, Colton Haynes mystifies us with his shirtlessness. I mean, this guy really HATES shirts. But this week, Colton did something that took us by surprise… he left his shirt on! Don’t panic, he actually found a way to make his new love of shirts super hott!

Colton did a spread for Harper’s Bazaar China that is leaving us breathless. He posted this tease pic to his Instagram last week to build hype for the main event.

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“Preview of my @harpersbazaarcn shoot by@steviemada . Can’t wait to finally go to China!🔥”

Steamy, right? Ohhhh, it gets better! Look at this enchanting pic.

“Harper’s Bazaar China out now by @steviemada@harpersbazaarcn . Check out the incredible art we did!”

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I will now give you a moment to catch your breath…


Still with me? That really is some INCREDIBLE art! Thank you, China!

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay