By Vanessa

One source SWEARS that she is.

MediaTakeOut posted a story today (12/9) vowing that Rihanna is preggers! In fact, the site put $10,000 up against any media sourse that doubts their info. Wow, that’s pretty serious!

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Rihanna is currently working on a new album, and her time in the studio has brought on the speculation. MediaTakeOut reported that one of RiRi’s newest tunes includes a line referring to “the baby inside me.” Rihanna has also, allegedly, banned all weed smoking while in the studio. Hmmm… that’s very odd behavior for Ms. Fenty.

Okay, so maybe the alleged lyric is just a reference to some dirty bedroom business, like many of Rihanna’s lyrics are. And maybe RiRi has banned weed in the studio so she can clear her head while singing these dirty verses. OR, maybe she’s pregnant. Since becoming an aunt, Rihanna has been super baby crazy. She is constantly posting Aunty/Niece pics to her social media. Maybe her ovaries are tingling!

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And if the rumor is true, who’s the baby daddy? Could it be Drake? The rumor mill has always paired RiRi and Drizzy. I love the idea of a little baby Rizzy, or maybe baby Rake… the baby’s name is still up for debate. But that kid would be gorgeous!

 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Could it be professional photographer Steve Klein? The dance floor was, allegedly, set ablaze as this couple displayed mega PDA at the British Fashion Awards. Perhaps the conception happened after the BFA party. That kid would be not-so-gorgeous.

(Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images)

(Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images)

What’s your take on this baby momma drama? Do you think Rihanna is pregnant?

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