Please excuse me while I squeal like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.

Okay, I’m done… maybe. I’m sure by now you’re asking, “Vanessa, why are you acting like a pubescent 13-year-old?” Well, here’s why:

Can you Blame me for being so excited? Who knew this guy had abs?! This rare photo was taken behind the scenes at Calvin’s photo shoot for Armani. He is the new (very handsome) face of Emporio Armani.

I’ll admit that these days, a picture like this is common place. Celebs love posting this stuff, and we love looking at it. But this Tweet is especially exciting because Calvin Harris is so awesome.  I love his work and his constant contribution to music, and now I love this beautiful contribution to Twitter. Plus, he’s not really known for the typical ‘shirtless guy in front of the mirror, flexing and taking a picture’ posts that we see from so many men.

So, is Calvin a good fit for Armani? You decide↓↓

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay


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