I’m one of those people who is constantly looking for new and interesting ways to use products or items that I already have in my house. That’s why when I came across these amazing hacks I had to share them with you guys, no matter how weird or wacky they might be.

Check out my favorite fashion and beauty hacks below!

1. Add volume to your hair with a toothbrush

This is such a smart idea, especially if you are only teasing a small piece of your hair. Simply slide the toothbrush down towards your scalp and then up again and repeat until you get the desired amount of volume.

2. Blow dry your clothing to remove wrinkles

This idea came to me out of necessity because both of my irons broke at the same time. I wanted something that would be fast and easy and a blow dryer on high heat was just the trick. It removed pretty much all of the wrinkles on my cotton shirt.

Just be careful using this trick on more delicate fabrics.

3. Dry your hand-washed clothing in a salad spinner

I love this idea, all of your hand washed items can now be dried much faster without having to wring them out by hand. Simply place the items in a your clean salad spinner and pump away. In about a minute your soaking-wet hand-washed items will be almost dry.

4. Empty water bottles double as great boot-shapers

Boot storage is an issue for most women, we spend tons of money on boots but when we are not wearing them, they are slouched over in our closets. Simply insert an empty water bottle into your pair and they will stand tall.

5. Panty liners reduce your feet from slipping in heels and help maintain sweat

Ok… I know this sounds crazy, but it really is such a good idea. If you happen to sweat or you simply want a little more comfort, I recommend thong panty-liners.

6. Adding 1 oz of vodka to your shampoo will cleanse the scalp, remove toxins and stimulate hair growth, it can also be used as a face astringent.

Vodka can be used for many other purposes besides just drinking, you can put some in your shampoo for added benefits, you can also use it as a face astringent, it will help reduce acne and tighten your pores.

7. Use a long sleeved T-shirt to dry your hair, as opposed to a towel

It is recommended for women not use a towel when drying their hair, especially if their hair is curly or tends to be frizzy. A towel will only make it worse, so I use a long sleeved shirt and tie it up on my head. It’s easy and much lighter on my head than a towel.

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay



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