25-year-old Sport’s Illustrated model and former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb has endured a storm of hate after posting a photo to her Instagram account.

She was immediately met with backlash as a slew of users began commenting on her weight. Comments like “anorexic,” “someone please give her a sandwich,” and “have a donut, make that a dozen” flooded her feed.

The harsh words resonated with the model, and she responded with this post:

Now that you have the facts, I would like to share my opinion. I’m proud of Katherine and her stand against the backlash. Hateful words, whether toward a heavy or skinny person, are hurtful and wrong; period. In today’s world, we are thrown so many opposing viewpoints and it’s difficult to find middle ground. Comments like the ones above are damaging and useless. There’s nothing constructive about calling someone “too fat” or “too thin.”

I’ve shared my point of view, but do my thoughts follow the popular opinion? It seems that we fight this weight hate all too often – remember the Victoria’s Secret debacle? So, what’s the answer?

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay



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