By Kurt Wolff

Crazy moments at the Academy Awards? Oh my yes, there have been plenty. And admit it, every year you hope another one goes down, which is part of the reason why you sit through it all, right?

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Sure, there are trips on the red carpet, missteps and mispronounced names (we’re looking at you, John Travolta).

And the host routines, oh dear. To say, for instance, that the antics attempted in 2011 by Anne Hathaway and James Franco ‘didn’t gel’ would be putting things politely. And Seth MacFarlane’s we saw your you-know-what routine? We’re rather forget that one ever existed, thank you (as would many of the people mentioned in the song).

The acceptance speeches are often a whole world of kooky unto themselves, where suddenly that person you admired all these years pulls back the curtain on their ‘true’ personality a little too far. From Gwyneth Paltrow’s teary slur of words accepting for her role in Shakespeare in Love, to Meryl Streep’s “Her again?” moment and, of course, Julia Roberts telling the bandleader to “quit with that stick,” there have been plenty of long-winded rambles that Oscar audiences have had to contend with (though watching the audience reactions is half the fun).

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Still, there are certain Oscar moments that have transcended their time and are now legendary. Below are five of the craziest.


5. Roberto Benigni Goes Nuts

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First of all, we need to note that “crazy” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad,” as Roberto Benigni showed the world in 1999, when he jumped over chairs with unbridled glee after his movie Life Is Beautiful won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. His action was a bit awkward, but at the same time, you can’t deny it was a moment of pure joy.


4. Sally Field: “You Like Me!”

Sally Field felt joy, too, when she took the stage after winning Best Actress for Places in the Heart. It was her second statue, but as she noted, the first time she “hardly felt it because it was all so new.” This time, though, she was definitely ‘feeling it.’


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