Music Festivals are an amazing experience. The music is loud, the crowds are excited and energy is electric. The feeling of coming together to enjoy a day full of music is unlike any other… but so much can go wrong!

To ensure that your festival experience is everything you hope it will be, I have put together a survival kit. Below is everything you need to enjoy your day to the fullest and put all worry behind you.

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Easy to Carry Bag | The last thing you want is to lug a giant purse around a sprawling festival venue. Try a cross-body purse that just hangs by your waist, a backpack that isn’t too big or a good ol’ fashioned fanny pack.

Backpack | Tobi

Clutch | Tobi

Sunscreen | The Florida sun in the spring and summer months can be brutal and you don’t want to be the only lobster in all of your festival pics. Bring sunscreen! You can find travel-size sunscreen that fit right inside your pocket. Also, if you’re a proponent of moisturizing, use a moisturizer with SPF.

TP To-Go & Wipes | Ladies, we’ve all been there. You finally make your way through the Port-o-Potty line, do your business and the worst happens: there’s no TP. Bring your own! You can find travel-size TP wherever you buy your travel shampoos and soaps. Also, wipes can be your best friend. Wipes are a sink and a shower all-in-one. Freshen up after a long hot day with resealable wipes like the ones pictured below.

Portable Charger | News flash: your phone will die! Between snapping pictures, Shazaming new artists and Instgramming every memorable moment, you will lose power. Bring a portable charger like the one below and never fall victim to the power suck again!

Charger | BestBuy

Change of Clothes | This is Florida. Our inclement weather means that predicting the future is impossible. It may rain during the day or cool down at night and you will be cold and unhappy. Bring a clean Tee and some socks to ensure total comfort all day.

Tee | Target

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Socks | Target

Snack | Some venues won’t allow you to bring food inside, but if you can try to bring a snack. A handful of almonds will keep you energized and happy until you can get your hands on some yummy festival grub.

Almonds | Target

First Aid Kit | A couple of band-aids and some peroxide may come in handy if you find yourself tripping over a rogue cable or stepping on your best friend’s toes while dancing. A small first aid kit can help you avoid the lines at the First Aid Tent.

Kit | Target

Poncho | A poncho is a cute way to stay warm when the sun goes down on festival day. It can also double as a blanket when you find your spot in the grass.

Poncho | Urban Outfitters

The Flash Shades | CW44 loves the festival scene. We will be at a handful of upcoming shows with a tent full of goodies, including our brand new The Flash sunglasses. Every festival goer needs a pair of shades, so visit our tent at the Gasparilla Music Festival and Fun n’ Sun for your free sunnies!




Oh yeah, always remember the buddy system, kids. Have fun!

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay