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I am a DIYer… I will walk past a store, see something I like and then find a way to make it make for a lot cheaper. I have always been this way. I’ve noticed that I will take a lot more pride in something that I have made myself, as opposed to something I spent $50 on. A $5 decoration that I’ve made means way more to me than anything I could buy at a store.

This bring me to today’s post… I was looking around my house and realized that I have a ton of super simple DIY decorations that I thought would be great to share. Some of these ideas were mine (although I don’t have any good pictures) and others I found on Pinterest. I hope you guys enjoy!

DIY 3-Tiered Serving Tray

Simply glue three plates together with industrial strength glue, using a small candle holder to attach them in the center.

DIY Dipped Vase (you can use any color)

Use painters tape to cover the top of the vase and spray paint the bottom. It’s so easy and so chic!

DIY Wine Bottle Wall Vase

Follow these instructions to make this shabby chic decoration >> http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2012/02/wine-bottle-wall-vase.html

DIY Painted Mason Jars

These are so easy to make, simple put paint in the jars and turn them upside down. That’s it!

DIY Painted Wine Bottles

Use painter’s tape to make fun patterns on the bottles, then use spray paint in any color.

Tea Cup Vase

No explanation needed, this is so easy!

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