By Vanessa

Your mother raised you. She clothed you. She fed you soup when you were sick. She gave painstaking BIRTH to you! It’s high time you gave her a gift that shows just how much you appreciate all she’s done for you.

A personalized gift basket takes thought and celebrates everything your mom loves. Here are some tips and ideas to creating the perfect gift basket for YOUR momma!

Step 1: Pick a Theme | You know your momma better than anyone else, so pick a theme that fits her best. Is she a coffee lover, or perhaps a wine connoisseur? Does she like to be pampered, or is she a super-strong fitness buff? Find what suits her best and prepare to build your basket around that theme. Hint: look to the gift basket masters like Harry and David and GiftTree for inspiration.

Step 2: Pick your Basket | The actual basket could, in some way, represent what’s inside. You can try a standard wicker basket or opt for something more unique. Here are a few choices.

Wire baskets have a great, rustic look for food items.

Buy it here.

Linen lined baskets for bath and body products.

Buy it here.

Hammered metal basket for beer or wine.

Buy it here.

Step 3: Pick your Goodies | You have your base set, now it’s time to start shopping. Start with one or two main, possibly more expensive, pieces as the staple pieces (i.e. a good bottle of wine or Godiva chocolates). Then, finish filling the basket with some extras. Here are some examples.

Coffee Lover

Credits Below

Credits Below

Illy Coffee | Espresso Cups | Nonni Biscotti | Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Old Movie Lover

Credits Below

Credits Below

Carey Grant Collection | Popcorn | Whoppers | Snuggie

Step 4: Decorate | Have fun with it! There are so many ways to spruce up a gift basket; use ribbon, big bows, tulle, chocolates… the choices are endless. Head to good ol’ Pinterest for inspiration or try one of these ideas.

Coffee Lover | via

Bloody Mary Kit | via

All done! Happy Mother’s Day!

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay


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