By Vanessa

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, maybe I’m prude,or maybe I’m just confused, but I look fondly upon the days when men and women wore… CLOTHES!

I’m writing this post after stumbling on an Instagram photo of Rita Ora on the cover of Glamour magazine’s Fashion Issue. The cover (below) features Rita looking effortlessly beautiful while HOLDING a dress OVER her body… for the Fashion Issue – I will pause to allow the irony of this to set in.

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I’ll reiterate that Rita looks gorgeous. Her curves peek out from behind the dress (that she just happens to be HOLDING over her body) in a provocatively, yet subtle, way. Her pouty glare screams passion. And yet, I’m forced to beg the question, “Why not WEAR the dress?”

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Perhaps dresses are out and naked bodies will grace the spring 2016 runways, instead. Perhaps the dress wasn’t Rita’s style and she preferred her own nudity. Whatever the case, it seems that the fashion industry is in for a rude awakening. Start looking for a part-time gig, designers. Clothes are out and naked is in!

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay