First things first: Illegal drugs are bad and you should just say no.

That being said, the natural plant called marijuana can make movies hilarious. Stoner movies have continuously found ways to make audiences laugh while focusing their stories around the little green herb, so I thought why not examine them! Here’s the deal; this list isn’t ‘Movie Stoners,’ sorry fans of Jeff Specoli and The Dude, you won’t find their movies on this list, their time will come later on down the road with ‘The 4: Movie Stoners.’ Also, don’t expect to see Pineapple Express either, I consider that film a Genre Buster, it’s much more than just a Stoner Movie. See ‘The 4: Genre Buster Movies’ for more information on its absence from this list. Also, no “real” drug movies will be found on this list, this isn’t a place for Requiem for a Dream. So now that we have the guidelines out-of-the-way, let’s check out my list for ‘The 4: Best Stoner Movies.’

Half Baked (1998)

You can’t have a stoner movie list without Half Baked. The film was not a darling with critics, but the stoner and non-stoner crowd loved the film and turned it into a cult hit. Can you blame them? Half Baked is hilarious and was one of the first films to show Dave Chapelle’s comedic talents. The story is simple, a group of weed smoking childhood buddies are forced to go into the marijuana trade after a friend is accused of accidentally killing a diabetic police horse named Buttercup. The plot really isn’t the reason you watch Half Baked, you watch the film to see its spot on comedic depiction of weed culture. The guys name their smoking utensils, there is a guy always asleep on the couch in the apartment and the montage of all the different types of smokers is dead on and hysterical with all the various cameos.

Courtesy: New Line Cinema

Friday (1995)

Taking place over a Friday on a block in South Central LA, Friday circles around a couple of buddies that have the craziest day ever. After getting fired on his day off, Craig (Ice Cube) is convinced to get high for the first time with his weed dealing buddy Smokey (Chris Tucker). Smokey’s argument is simple. Since Craig has no job and doesn’t have *expletive* to do, why not enjoy some Mary Jane. The duo enjoy some puffs on the porch and begin to people watch which I’ve heard is amazing to do while under the influence. The duo get caught up in drive by shootings, stinky bathrooms and have to deal with the neighborhood bully Debo all while coming down from their high. The film is laugh-out-loud-funny and shows the hood side of weed culture. Friday was the first film to portray that it wasn’t just white boy hippies who enjoyed the sticky icky.

Courtesy: New Line Cinema

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

This was the last film to make this list and quite honestly it’s my least favorite. I would have put Grandma’s Boy on this list, but I can’t let things get personal. Sometimes you have to look at the simplicity of the film to determine whether it deserves a spot on ‘The 4.’ Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle explains the plot in the title, a couple of regular guys named Harold (Kal Penn) and Kumar (John Cho) get high one day and naturally get the munchies. In their stoner haze, the guys decide to head to White Castle for some delicious hamburger sliders. Their simple trip turns into a stoner odyssey involving a devilish Neil Patrick Harris and many other missteps along the way. Everybody who’s partaken in the wacky tobacky can relate to the munchies run and this film takes you on the ultimate journey to curb a couple of pothead appetites.

Courtesy: Paramount Pictures

Up In Smoke (1978)

All hail to the king of all stoner movies and our two high heroes at the center. Cheech and Chong brought their weed driven stand up act (which had been relegated to Vinyl Albums) to the big screen with Up In Smoke. The film was the first to give an audience a look inside of the harmless marijuana culture on-screen. From becoming best friends with someone you barely know because they have a joint the size of missile, to searching for grass when you’re dry and having to go the shady route to get your fix. Lesson learned from Up In Smoke, don’t mention the birthmark on your weird drug dealer’s neck. The duo took the audience on a stoned adventure with their van made of marijuana to become one of the biggest cult movies of all time and the greatest stoner movie ever.

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