Crime Watch Daily premieres on September 14th at 2pm! Don’t miss a minute of the crime fighting action with help from the listings below.

MONDAY, Sept. 14

A crime of passion turns deadly for a Las Vegas showgirl. Later in the episode, Crime Watch Daily goes after the psychic who allegedly preyed on the lovelorn and took New York by storm; plus, we dive into a pedophile sting with the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Police.

TUESDAY, Sept. 15

Crime Watch Daily looks at a murder mystery that has police baffled in Arizona: Phoenix businessman Peter Mizioch was accused by his stepchildren in court documents of murdering his wife, Phyllis, for her life insurance money. Pete Mizioch has denied any involvement in the murder. Also in this episode: CWD goes one-on-one with former Los Angeles city firefighter Ian Eulian, who was found guilty of beating Rebecca Stafford and sentenced to 180 days in jail.  Today, Ian is out of jail on bond and has requested an appeal.


Three-part exclusive interview between host Matt and a Detroit mother, Mitchelle Blair, from inside her jailhouse.  Mitchelle is serving time for killing two of her children and stuffing their bodies into a freezer.

THURSDAY, Sept. 17
Crime Watch Daily moves forward with its hard-hitting, six-month investigation into UBER X by following its drivers with criminal histories.
FRIDAY, Sept. 18

Crime Watch Daily’s UBER X investigation continues an interview with the mother of a little girl, who was fatally mowed down by an UBER X driver; the civil case has since been settled; the criminal investigation is ongoing. Also in the same episode, Crime Watch Daily speaks to the father of Laura Ackerson, whose murdered body was fed to the alligators and found dumped in a Texas creek.


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