There are certain figures in the Horror movie genre that stand out. They strike fear in your hearts or make you cringe with their horrific actions. You see these faces of fear and immediately know who these creatures of the dark are. Now if you’re expecting this new ‘The 4’ to be loaded with classic movie monsters you will be disappointed. They’re not scary for one thing. Frankenstein is being held together by string, you can avoid the Creature from the Black Lagoon by not swimming in the Black Lagoon and just don’t invite Dracula into your house and you will be fine. I want the Horror Icons who defined generations and are still important in Pop Culture today. So without further ado, here are ‘The 4: Horror Movie Icons’.


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Michael Myers (Halloween Franchise)

A man in a painted William Shatner mask with a knife that just keeps coming for his victims. The most simple character on this list is one of the scariest killers in Horror movie history. Nothing flashy, just fear when it comes to the Halloween franchise villain. Escaped mental patient Michael Myers returns home after being locked up for killing his older sister as a child on Halloween night. Myers picks up where he left off by terrorizing teenage Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her sexually promiscuous drug using friends. Myers was one of the first silent killers wearing a mask to show zero emotions and doesn’t say a word. He just keeps coming at you with the sole purpose to stab you with his big knife. To be quite honest, Jason Voorhies is a rip off of Myers with a mute behemoth who wears a hockey mask instead. Myers masked killer still creeps out movie fans until this day and helped usher in the Slasher film genre.

Courtesy: Universal Studios

Courtesy: Universal Studios

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead Franchise)

I never said this was a villains list. This is ‘The 4: Horror Movie Icons’ and Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is a legendary hero in the horror genre from The Evil Dead series. After messing with the Necronomicon AKA “Book of the Dead” and releasing evil into this world, Ash must fight off his possessed girlfriend and even his own hand. The Evil Dead franchise is campy bloody fun with our cult hero battling practical effects monsters created by director Sam Raimi. Ash get’s extra points for having the best weapons arsenal in horror movie history. He’s equipped with a chainsaw for a hand and a sawed off double-barreled shotgun referred to as the “Boomstick”. Plus Ash manages to keep his sense humor while fighting for his life and being sucked into a time portal. Ash is the corny, but charming hero of the horror genre and our favorite S-Mart employee that fell from the sky.

Courtesy: New Line Cinema

Courtesy: New Line Cinema

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise)

Every kid who grew up in the 1980s was terrified of Freddy Krueger. The evil spirit that haunts your dreams and has the power to kill his victims while they sleep. To say Krueger is scary is an understatement. He’s burned from head to toe after a vengeful group of parents burned him alive after he is let off on murder charges due to a technicality. Krueger comes back in the spiritual form to haunt the children of the vigilante parents. Did I also mention he has a glove with sharp rusty blades for fingers. Freddy become more comical in the later installments, but still was a scary dude while ripping out your funny bone. Check out the original if you haven’t already or my favorite entry in the franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

Courtesy: Universal Studios

Courtesy: Universal Studios

Norman Bates (Psycho franchise)

This may be an old school pick, but he might be the scariest of the bunch. Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s horror masterpiece Psycho is so terrifying, because the guy is real. Norman comes off as a shy and polite Hotel Manager that supposedly cares for his elderly and overbearing mother. What you find out is this unassuming fellow is a murderer of woman who prefers to dress up as his mother when killing his victims. Bates isn’t a vengeful spirit or a guy wielding a chainsaw wearing a mask of human flesh (BTW it killed me to leave Leatherface off this list). Norman is like any other person you would meet in everyday life and that’s why he’s so dangerous earning him a place on ‘The 4: Horror Movie Icons’. Plus he has his own theme music when he kills which has been parodied in Pop Culture since Psycho was released in 1960.

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