Whether you have figured out your Halloween costume or not… it’s always fun to see other options… especially relatively simple ones. And for those of you who haven’t figured out your costume… now’s the time, we’re only a few weeks away!

I’ve scoured Pinterest (someone’s got to do it) and found some super easy last-minute costumes ideas that I think you guys are going to like.

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***None of these costumes or images are mine…all pictures link back to their original posts.

Instagram board Costume

We can almost guarantee that everyone will want to take pictures with you all night!

Lisa Simpson Costume

Hey… if you get bored on Halloween, at least you’ll have a book to read. 🙂

Emotional Baggage Costume

Make this costume even easier… grab an old suitcase and attach papers with “emotional baggage” words.

Also you don’t have to do your makeup like this… you could always just make it look like you were crying with smeared mascara.

Price Is Right Costume

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I love this one… extra points if you wear an “I love Bob Barker” tee!

Dirty Laundry Costume

Cut a hole in the bottom of your hamper and you’re good to go on this one… I recommend you attach clean clothes around you, unless you would prefer your space on Halloween. 🙂

Grumpy Cat Costume

It might be hard to be angry around this costume.

Laziest Costume Ever (…but really funny)

A white tee and a black marker are the only two items needed for this creative costume.

Happy Halloween!

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