On October 1st, 2015, something crazy happened. The walls of CW44 were plastered with posters and love notes. The halls were filled with sounds of laughter and applause. The air was graced with the sweet smell of chicken wings and salsa. A crazy evening was taking place, and 44 lucky winners’ lives would never be the same.

On this fateful day, CW44 held an advanced screening party in the brand new VIP Performance Theater for the new fall series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. CW44 held an online contest allowing viewers to register to win a coveted ticket to the advanced screening. 44 winners were awarded a seat in the theater for a crazy night. The screening was accompanied by trendy fashion shows by Plato’s Closet, 3 gift card drawings and catering by Hattricks Tavern.

But enough talk. Watch the video above and see, for yourself, what you missed on that crazy night!