By Vanessa

It’s about time we got into Jane the Virgin’s panties!

Wow, that first sentence is misleading, but I suppose it’s kinda true. Gina Rodriguez, star of the hit series Jane the Virgin, has embarked upon a new business venture: panties! Gina is the co-founder and partner of the online-only lingerie brand Naja.

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But Naja is no ordinary underwear outlet. Gina and her team are determined to provide quality and ethically sourced products. In an interview with Refinery29 Gina said, “You can trace the supply chain from beginning to end — you know that [Naja] is ethically-sourced.” That’s awesome news!

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She went on to say, “During my first year of shooting Jane the Virgin, my college friend and her 4-year-old moved into my very small one-bedroom apartment. I learned firsthand how very difficult it is to be a single mother. Ensuring that women are employed is ensuring that the next generation is educated, this is good for society as a whole and helps in the elimination of poverty. At Naja, we provide special benefits to all of our employees with children so that these children can be ensured an education.”

Cofounder and CEO Catalina Girald works hard to employ single mothers and donates funds to her employees for school books, lunches and uniforms. AND Naja lingerie is fabricated from recycled materials.

Gina’s work with Naja is clearly a passion project. She told Refinery29, “We want all women to feel beautiful regardless of what the media tells us is beautiful. We also want women to understand that outer beauty is not a measure of self-worth; power comes from within.”

Needless to say, my Naja shopping cart is already full!

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay

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