1. About how many turkeys are cooked and eaten in the US on Thanksgiving? via infoplease.com
    1. 85 million
    2. 1 billion
    3. 10 million
    4. 45 million
  2. What are MALE turkeys called? via infoplease.com
    1. Tods
    2. Toms – but we’ll always accept delicious.
    3. Delicious
    4. Tots
  3. What is the average weight of a WILD male turkey? via infoplease.com
    1. 60 pounds
    2. 5 pounds
    3. 20 pounds
    4. 100 pounds
  4. True or False: only male turkeys (aka Toms) can gobble. via infoplease.com
    1. True – All turkeys make noise, but the gobble is the male’s mating call.
  5. True or False: a turkey can drown if they look up in the rain. via howstuffworks.com
    1. False – this is a myth
  6. True or False: turkeys have heart attacks. via aristotle.net
    1. True – The Air Force was conducting test runs and breaking the sound barrier, and a field turkeys dropped dead.
  7. True or False: a turkey’s head changes color depending on it’s mood. via farmsanctuary.org
    1. True – For instance, their head turns blue when they’re happy or red when they’re stressed.
  8. In what month do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada? via me, because I’m Canadian
    1. September
    2. October
    3. November
    4. Trick, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving