A true romantic movie seems to be a lost art in Hollywood. A story of love on film is usually given the chick flick treatment loading a sweet story with cheesy jokes and scenes that make women look foolish chasing down the men they yearn for. The Art House film scene is where the great love stories that don’t follow formula are getting made with movies like Atonement and The Spectacular Now.

John Crowley’s Brooklyn starring Saoirse Ronan falls into the realm of quality romance cinema by taking a straightforward story and loading it with heavy drama by making it familiar to anyone who has been in love. Brooklyn stars Saoirse Ronan as Ellis, a young Irish Immigrant who gets the chance to live in America in early 1950’s Brooklyn. Ellis begins to adjust to her new life, even finding a new Italian beau named Tony played by Emory Cohen. Unfortunately, her new life is turned upside down when she must return to Ireland suddenly.

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Saoirse Ronan gives an Oscar worthy performance going from an unassuming homesick young girl to savvy woman of the city finding love, respect and an education in the burrow. You see Ellis grow as a person right in front us and it’s pleasure to see the transformation brought to life by the work of Ronan. The young actress owns her role as Ellis and will solidify her place in young Hollywood as Oscar buzz will likely surround her work in Brooklyn.

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Besides the dazzling show of acting from Ronan, Brooklyn ends up being a very thought-provoking film instead of just your basic love story. Brooklyn takes a turn during the course of the film and it turns the tale of love upside down. Ellis has to make choices concerning the life you know and the life you want. These decisions made by Ellis will make you ponder choices made in your own life. Brooklyn shows that love isn’t always easy even when everything seems perfect. It can be a mess at times, but that’s what makes Brooklyn so relatable and an Oscar contender.

Overall, I give Brooklyn 3.5 out of 4 stars. 

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