By Vanessa

1. In what year was the first “Ball Drop” in Times Square? (via

  1. 1921
  2. 1899
  3. 1907
  4. 1960

2. About how much does the Ball in Times Square weigh? (via

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  1. 6,000 lbs
  2. 12,000 lbs
  3. 100,000 lbs
  4. 50,000 lbs

3. What color underwear do Italians wear on New Year’s Eve to them bring good luck? (via

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. No Undies

4. What does the New Year’s classic “Auld Lang Syne” mean? (via

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  1. Times Gone By
  2. New Year’s Song
  3. All Year Long
  4. Old Year Gone

5. About how many glasses of champagne are consumed on New Year’s Eve? (via

  1. 1 billion glasses
  2. 24 million glasses
  3. 360 million glasses
  4. 700 million glasses

6. What do the Dutch burn in the streets on New Year’s Eve? (via

  1. Candles
  2. Christmas Trees
  3. Bad Memories from the Past Year
  4. Wood

7. At midnight on New Year’s in Spain, they eat 12 of what as a symbol of 12 great months to come? (via

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  1. Nuts
  2. Hot Dogs
  3. Beans
  4. Grapes

8. True or False: Lobster is said to bring bad luck if eaten on New Year’s Eve. (via

  1. True– Lobsters can move backward, so it is thought they can bring a reversal of fortune.