2015 was a great year for movies with a record-breaking box office of over 11 billion dollars domestically. We saw the return of Star Wars, Mad Max & the genetically engineered dinosaurs of Jurassic World. Three of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees were bona-fide box office hits (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and The Martian) and others such as Bridge of Spies, The Big Short, Spotlight and Brooklyn all brought in respectable box offices numbers while wooing critics. Room was the only film to bring in a low number, but once people start catching the small film at home, they will realize how fantastic that movie was. That’s pretty good considering most people’s knock on the Oscars is no one has seen any of the nominees. The ticket sales tell the real story.

I hate to pull the rug out from under myself when it comes to my movie knowledge, but I have to be truthful with everyone. For the first time in years, I’m very unsure of many of my big picks. Sure there are a few locks, but many of the big categories have me scratching my head, so please! Don’t bet the kid’s college fund on my predictions. This could be a Dumber and Dumber “Samsonite” situation where I was way off, but who knows? Maybe my picks are spot on. Without further ado, here are my 2016 Oscar predictions.

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Best Short Film, Live Action

Shok – Kids and War? You can’t lose in a category like this. BTW I saw none of these nominees just like the rest of you.


Best Short Film, Animated

Sanjay’s Super Team – Honestly, It’s the only one I saw. Thanks Inside Out!


Best Documentary, Short Subject

Body Team 12 – I actually did see a few of these films and the story of people working an insanely dangerous job cleaning up dead Ebola bodies gets my vote.


Best Documentary

AmyCartel Land was well done, but the story of Amy Winehouse walks away with the trophy.


Visual Effects

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – The franchise that revolutionized the special effects industry will once again find itself at the podium.


Sound Editing

Mad Max: Fury Road – Engines roaring, explosions and bullets whizzing past your heads made you feel as if you were in the chase. The technical side is where Fury Road will shine.


Sound Mixing

Mad Max: Fury Road – See previous prediction explanations. Cars go vroom! Things go boom!


Best Song

“Earned It” The Weeknd (Fifty Shades of Grey) – Any chance Oscars voters can show they’re not so white, they’re going to do it and yes old Oscar voters. That’s how he spells Weeknd.


Best Score

Ennio Morricone (The Hateful Eight) –  You have to give it to the film that has the guts to put a musical overture at the front of its film in this day and age.


Make-up and Hairstyling

Mad Max: Fury Road – War Boy face paint, post nuclear war deformities and Furiosa’s beautiful buzz cut will help Max add to his collection.


Best Costume Design

Mad Max: Fury Road – Did you see the crazy get up Immortan Joe was wearing?


Best Production Design

Mad Max: Fury Road – The attention to detail down to the shoe measure gas pedal will help Mad Max edge out The Martian.


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Best Editing

The Big Short – The fast paced satirical financial film that breaks the fourth wall and bounces from scene to scene with celebrities explaining finances will take home this honor.


Best Cinematography

The Revenant – All those tree and sky shots will finally pay off with an Oscar. Lord knows it didn’t add to the story.


Best Foreign Language Film

Son of Saul (Saul Fia) – I literally picked the names out of a hat for this one.


Best Animated Feature

Inside Out– One of the deepest kids movie I have ever seen.


Best Adapted Screenplay 

The Martian – Drew Goddard did a magnificent job adapting a book many deemed too hard of a translation for the big screen.


Best Original Screenplay

Spotlight – The story of the Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic Church Sex Scandal did a magnificent job of telling a true story while fleshing out a large cast.


Best Supporting Actress 

Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) – A very tough category full of talent, but Vikander managed to outshine her Oscar-winning costar Eddie Redmayne and brought the heart to The Danish Girl. I still love you Kate Winslet.


Best Supporting Actor

Sylvester Stallone (Creed) – Yo Adrien! I did it! Expect the biggest applause of the night when Stallone accepts the award for his role as the aging former boxer in Creed.


Best Actress

Brie Larson (Room– Larson gives a powerful performance in Room as a captive trying to keep her son safe. She’s one of the few locks of the night along with Stallone.


Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant– Leo will finally win the Oscar for the sacrifices he made on film during the production. Also expect global issues to be brought up during the speech.


Best Director 

George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) – This is an extremely loaded group that all shined, but the 70-year-old Miller helped revive a long dormant franchise and showed us that blowing stuff up for real is awesome!


Best Picture

The Revenant – Although I thought most of the films nominated in this category were better than The Revenant, the film is what Oscars love. A period piece, with beautiful cinematography and a stellar performance from its lead.

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