Billed as an 80’s versions of Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater’s spiritual sequel Everybody Wants Some!! is more about the college experience rather than the time it takes place. Just like Dazed and Confused, the decade is merely the backdrop for the film. Plus, Everybody Wants Some!!  is set in August of 1980 which was a transition time for our culture where the pornstache still had a place in society and Disco wasn’t dead yet. The neon colors and big hair of the 1980s had yet to make an appearance, so it’s fun to see this often ignored  awkward time of that era being explored in Everybody Wants Some!!.

Once again director Richard Linklater gives us a slice of life on film with a sense of timeless perfection in Everybody Wants Some!!. The story takes place the Thursday before the first day of fall classes on Monday at a Texas college. Freshman and baseball recruit Jake (Glee‘s Blake Jenner) moves into one of the two houses the University has provided for the players and begins to integrate himself into the team and college life.  Jake’s new classmates are an unusual cast of characters many of us encountered when heading off to college and leaving home for the first time.

Just like Dazed and Confused, Everybody Wants Some!! really isn’t about anything. There’s no big test to pass or big game to play in this film. Just a bunch of guys partying it up before reality sets in on Monday when school starts. The movie has no plot, but what makes Everybody Wants Some!! a winner is authenticity. The scenes with the guys hanging out and competing with one another over the dumbest things is so relatable. You’ll giggle and smile because you will see yourself or others in these characters that could have been plucked from your own life. A normal day can be entertaining when you’re just hanging out with your friends goofing off and Linklater captures these moments with perfection.

The only drawback in Everybody Wants Some!! that prevents it from topping its predecessor is the lack of female characters. Linklater gave the audience both a male and female freshman point of view heading into high school in Dazed and ConfusedEverybody Wants Some!! is very guy centric where the girls are just quests for the men to conquer. Some women may enjoy the crew’s foul humor, but others could be turned off by all the testosterone and male anatomy jokes.

Even with all the male dominance going on in Everybody Wants Some!!, the film is still a great time. The movie is funny, the music is awesome once again and there is something genuine about the material on-screen. The cast of relative unknowns shine in Everybody Wants Some!! and shows the random fun that can happen in college. For a film about nothing, there’s definitely something special about it.

Overall, I give Everybody Wants Some!! a solid 3 out of 4 stars. 

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