In the Jodie Foster directed Money Monster, the wacky world of financial news shows that resembles more of a three-ring circus than a legit financial advise show is put on blast. George Clooney plays Lee Gates, a larger than life TV host of a financial show who gets taken at gunpoint by a disgruntled viewer (O’Connell) who lost money based on Gates’ advice. The cameras continue to roll live as Gates’ producer Patty (Julia Roberts) feeds info to the talent through an earpiece as the situation escalates.

Money Monster attempts to be a reflection of the individuals who are still struggling financially in this economic environment, but turns out to be more “Made for TV movie” with two great leads holding it all together the best they can. None of the characters are written well and they come across generic at times. Clooney struggles being believable as an obnoxious TV host, but excels more when the hostage situation breaks out showing more of his serious side even if the scenarios are absolutely absurd. It’s hard to believe in this day and age of heighten security a person could get into a top network news studio without being noticed.

Roberts plays your typical producer who stereotypically keeps the cameras rolling to get the story while also trying to keep her host alive. You will shake your head at times over the decisions our players make, because we have seen them a thousand times before in other hostage crisis themed movies. Plus, it’s hard to sympathize with O’Connell’s loose cannon Kyle who comes across as a dangerous fool. To be quite honest, none of the characters are worth caring about to due to their actions and the conspiracy they unravel is quite dumb and unexplained.

Clooney and Roberts can only take this film so far thanks to Foster’s sub par directing skills and a script with dialogue that’s almost laughable at times. If you want to see a great movie about the dirty world of the financial sector and the crooks who support it, check out The Big Short. If you want to watch a silly film that is more B-Movie thriller than a serious take on the Wall Street culture then Money Monster is for you.

Overall, I give Money Monster 2 out of 4 stars.

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