The oddball action comedy Central Intelligence stars comedian Kevin Hart and action star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as two former high school classmates connected by an event twenty years ago. Hart plays Calvin Joyner who was the king of his high school and all around nice guy who now finds himself leading a boring life as an accountant with his high school sweetheart wife (Danielle Nicolet). Johnson on the other side plays Bob Stone. A former overweight social outcast turned muscular super spy who may or may not be working for the CIA trying to save the world from global terrorism. The odd couple gets caught up in conspiracies, gun fights and create some funny laughs along the way.

Judging from Hart’s past films, one could imagine Central Intelligence is full of height jokes and smirky looks from its star, but that is not the case. Hart plays the straight man this time around to Johnson’s quirky agent and allows Hart to actually play off someone else for a change reacting to the madness his counterpart is creating. Calvin is also a very relatable character as a guy who peaked in High School and feels he is a shadow of his former self. What’s also refreshing in Central Intelligence is we don’t get the typical jock who picked on the unpopular kid storyline with the nerd now being at the top of the social food chain. Hart’s character is not a former bully and actually cares about his former classmate even if he almost gets him killed the majority of the time they hang out.

Hart shows he can do a different style of comedy in Central Intelligence, but the star of the film Dwayne Johnson as the socially awkward Bob. The former laughing-stock of their high school may have shed the pounds and can kill you with his pinky finger, but he’s still a big old geek under those muscles. This makes for some funny laughs as Bob is still enamored with Calvin’s persona even though it’s been twenty years since High School. Besides showing off his action skills in some fun scenes, The Rock also brings the comedy some much-needed heart as a guy who still can’t forget who he used to be in the eyes of his peers. You root for Bob even if he is a reckless goof.

Like most comedies, Central Intelligence does have a few jokes that fall flat and spins its wheels creatively a little heading into the final act. Both Hart and Johnson lack the laughs when they’re flying solo in the story, but those minor flaws can be overlooked due to the solid comedic chemistry between Hart and Johnson and some surprise cameos along the way. The duo is excellent together and seeing the actors play a little role reversal at times makes the film very enjoyable. If you’re looking for some action, laughs and a little heart, check out Central Intelligence. Plus you have to love a movie that has a blooper reel during the end credits.

Overall, I give Central Intelligence 3 out 4 funny stars.

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