Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, The Neon Demon takes an art house cinema look at the world of modeling and the price we put on beauty. Elle Fanning plays Jesse, and underage girl who gains the attention of many powerful people in the seedy industry and falls for the allure of the business where everyone loves you as long as you are beautiful.

The best way to describe Refn’s new film is stylish nonsense. The Neon Demon treats the audience to scenes of  seizure inducing flashing lights and closeups of Fanning’s face that seem to go on for an eternity and brings nothing to the story. Speaking of a plot, there isn’t one besides a girl becomes a model and people don’t like her. The movie is filled with silly characters and scenes meant to shock the audience that are so out-of-place and absurd. The third act plot twist comes out of nowhere and is just gross and idiotic.

Most of the unwatchable weirdness in The Neon Demon surrounds Jena Malone’s makeup artist Ruby who is involved in a morgue scene that will surely make some movie patrons get up and walk out of the theater. A few other big named actors like Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks show up in limited roles, but their presence is pointless. Every actor looks lost on-screen attempting to breathe life into despicable characters that no one will ever care about.

The Neon Demon can’t decide what genre of film to latch onto and it turns the work into a convoluted mess. Refn’s work is all style with zero substance and the director tries to make the audience feel uncomfortable at every turn, because apparently he believes that’s what people want to spend fifteen dollars a ticket on at the movies. Jealousy, pride and lust are all themes that run through the film, but more than anything The Neon Demon is just stupid shock cinema that stands out for all the wrong reasons.

Overall, I give The Neon Demon 0 out of 4 stars. 

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