Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates looked like a winner on paper. Zac Efron (Dave) teams with Adam Devine (Mike) to make up the Stangle brothers. Two guys who believe they are the life of the party, but mostly they ruin family get-togethers in extraordinary fashion. When their little sister is about to get married, their family issues an ultimatum, find two “nice girls” to bring to the destination wedding in Hawaii or stay home. The two agree to their families wishes and in the process of looking for dates, their story goes viral. This attracts the attention of two wild city girls named Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubry Plaza) who target the brothers looking for a free tropical destination.

In a summer movie season being dominated by animated features and a case of sequelitis, the R-rated and somewhat true story Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates seemed like raunchy adult fun. Unfortunately, Mike and Dave steals from all its adult comedy predecessors and becomes a film full of recycled laughs. Mike And Dave takes its inspiration from films like Step Brothers, The Wedding Crashers and even the world of television with similar humor to Two Broke Girls. The difference is those mentioned gave us original stories and jokes. Mike and Dave gives the audience none of that.

While watching Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, it was hard not to see all the jokes coming from a mile away, plus nothing felt fresh. Granted there are some moments that do bring some honest laughs, thanks Adam Devine. The Workaholics star shows he is a comedy star in the making. The young actor was able to create laughs even though the putrid script didn’t give him much to work with.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates basically just throws gag after gag at the audience hoping something will stick. Zac Efron, who showed he can be hilarious in the Neighbors franchise, is reduced to a pretty straight man to the antics on-screen. Aubrey Plaza manages to be a little better when she’s involved in scenes with Devine, but her character is pretty one-dimensional and is basically a sexed up clone of her character April from Parks and Rec. Even the talented Ann Kendrick looks lost with writing that gives her nothing to build up her character, other than she is damaged and crazy. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates misses the opportunity to be something special in favor of giving the audience the same old laughs we have seen before in better films.

Overall, I give Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 2 out of 4 stars.

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