The Secret Life of Pets gets a head start right out of the gate before one frame of the new animated film even appears before viewers’ eyes. We’re a society that loves our animals and many of us across the globe love to have our furry companions by our sides. We wonder what they’re thinking when they stare back us and we can’t help but ponder what they do in the day when their owners are away, and that is where the fun begins with The Secret Life of Pets.

What Toy Story did for our toys, The Secret Life of Pets does for animals, giving us a peak into their world. The dog in the center of this wild domesticated safari is Max (voiced by Louis C.K.). Max has a nice life in Manhattan with his owner Kaite (Ellie Kemper) until one day she brings home a big surprise in the form of Duke (Eric Stonestreet), an oversized sloppy dog who immediately gets on Max’s nerves because he’s invading his territory. The hilarious odd couple’s feud lands the new brothers on the streets of New York looking for their way back home.

What makes The Secret Life of Pets work so well is everyone can relate seeing their own pets in Max, Duke and their friends’ furry follies. You’ll instantly think of your animals when see the pets on-screen obsessing over squirrels, playing with other dogs at the park or enjoying a nice belly rub. The film will bring a smile on your face and of course will make you laugh as you witness the day in the life of our dogs while we’re working 9 to 5.

The Secret Life of Pets could have mailed it in knowing that kids were going to beg their parents to take them to see the movie with the funny animated pug, but instead went The Lego Movie route giving the audience an endearing story about two dogs who must learn to live with one another despite their doggy differences. The voice cast that also includes Kevin Hart and Albert Brooks (who is having one heck of a summer when it comes to voice work) does a great job bringing their animal roles to life creating characters we want to see more of in future in installments. The summer movie season has gone to the dogs in The Secret Life of Pets and theaters are a better place for it.

Overall, I give The Secret Life of Pets 3 out of 4 stars.

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