The new season of The CW’s One Magnificent Morning will premiere on Saturday, October 1.  The 5 hour block is comprised of 3 hours of E/I programming and 2 hours of non E/I programming.  The E/I statements are forthcoming.

7a – 8a Calling Dr. Pol (E/I)

When it comes to farm animals, Dr. Pol has seen it all. From the barnyards to people’s backyards, Dr. Pol delivers his no-nonsense approach to veterinary medicine.

8a – 8:30a Rescue Me with Dr. Lisa (E/I)

Orphaned and abandoned animals get a chance for a new life with the help of emergency vet Dr. Lisa and her heart of gold.

8:30a – 10a Dog Whisperer: Family Edition (E/I)

When people have an extreme case of an out-of-control canine they turn to Cesar Millan. Affectionately known as the “Dog Whisperer,” Cesar works with both people and pups to build a loving pack.

10a – 10:30a Save Our Shelter (Non E/I)

When a shelter needs saving, Rocky Kanaka is there to pull communities and resources together to give these rundown rescues a makeover bringing hope and a new beginning to adoption facilities across America.

10:30a – 11a Vacation Creation (Non E/I)

Vacation Creation will take viewers on an inspirational journey as they follow the voyages of deserving families who have been specially chosen to experience the custom-tailored vacation of a lifetime.

11a – 11:30a Dinner Spinner Presented by Allrecipes (Non E/I)

Helping millions of people to reinvent their daily menus, this cooking competition show allows two home cooks to show off their creativity in a race for the best plate.

11:30a – 12n (October 1, 2016 – October 29, 2016) Unlikely Animal Friends (Non E/I)

Take a fun-filled look at the stunning bonds animals form with other species, even prey.

11:30a – 12n (Starting November 5, 2016) Save To Win (Non E/I)

Where savvy shoppers can win big money simply by saving the most on their grocery bill.



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