By T.M. Powell

Storks takes on the age-old question of “Where do babies come from?” and gives it a modern-day twist. The film depicts a world where Storks at one point actually delivered magical babies to families, but now have gotten into the home delivery service with a company named Cornerstone with a business plan similar to the drones of Amazon. A star Stork named Junior (Voiced by Andy Samberg) is set to take over the company only to see his dreams go up in flames when the 17-year-old resident human orphan Tulip (Katie Crown) accidentally activates the long dormant baby making machine that threatens Junior’s future.

The idea of former baby delivery birds turned glorified flying UPS men is a novel idea, but the rest of Storks is fairly unoriginal with an odd couple who are forced to take care of a child heading to her new home. There are some fun moments your kids will enjoy along the way with the trio battling a pack of transforming wolves, the elements and other Storks determined to make this baby mess go way. Andy Samberg lets his comical and cartoonish personality shine in Storks and makes a good pair with Katie Crown who voices the ever positive, but lonely Tulip.

Storks definitely has a neat concept, but the problem is there are so many subplots in the movie that it’s hard to figure out what storyline we should really care about. The plot direction jumps around with many different side stories including why Tulip was never delivered, a boy longing for a little brother from his career obsessed parents and the Baby Machine itself. There’s just too much going and not enough time put into the content to make Storks something special similar to Pixar.

Storks is not a bad film, especially with its images showing families come in many different forms. The movie just squanders some of its potential with this very cute idea and opens the door for little audience members to ask some seriously awkward questions to their parents after Storks is over.

Overall, I give Storks 2.5 out of 4 stars.

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