In a year where our children are being exposed to an election process that’s more like an episode of Jerry Springer, you need to have simple messages of hope and happiness in your life. Enter Dreamworks’ Trolls, a colorful little musical fairy tale based on the lovable ‘Good Luck Trolls’ figures created by Thomas Dam. Just like The Lego Movie before them, Trolls manages to squeeze a musically engaging mythology out of little pieces of crazy hair and plastic lacking background with the help of Executive Musical Producer Justin Timberlake who also voices one of the lead trolls along with Anna Kendrick.

The story in Trolls involves a community of tiny beings who only know how to do one thing. Be happy twenty-four seven, which includes singing, dancing and partying like there’s no tomorrow. That is until an ogre like species of creatures named the Bergens discover that eating the trolls cause them to feel instant happiness. The euphoric feeling leads the Troll loving monsters to become addicted to the sensation of joy causing the miniature community to live a life on the run from the hungry Bergens.

The description of Trolls may seem like a scary tale for the family, but the film is full of life, sparkling colors and much-needed positivity considering we live in a wold full of negative images lately. The world of Trolls looks like the arts and crafts section of a Jo-Ann Fabric come to life. The trolls bounce around on hills and fuzzy mushrooms similar to Grandma’s throw pillows from the 1970s. There’s enough colors and glitter to fill a thousand rainbows during the 94 minute running time. At times in Trolls you just want to each out and hug everything on-screen like a big stuffed animal.

Some parents may not want to fork over the extra money for 3-D, but Trolls is worth the money to see their vibrant universe shoot off the big screen like a bazooka full of paint and glitter. The film is also full of catchy tunes thanks to Timberlake who gets to sing along with the joyful Anna Kendrick who is perfect as Princess Poppy who counters the negativity of the paranoid Branch who Timberlake voices. Besides being an animated spectacle, Trolls delivers a good message for everyone about finding happiness in other places besides a pill, food or drink. Trolls may not have been given much to work with in terms of story legacy, but the film manages to build one that’s too cute to ignore.

Overall, I give Trolls 3 out of 4 cute stars.

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