LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 8, 2016) — Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen correspondent Elizabeth Smart investigates a fertility doctor by the name of Dr. Donald Cline, who is suspected of using his own sperm up to 50 times on unsuspecting patients. “He’s the father. Yes, I do feel violated. He was my doctor and you just don’t do that to your patients. That’s not morally right at all…It’s not ethically right,” says Deborah Pierce, whose daughter, Jacoba Ballard, is one of Dr. Cline’s children. Dr. Cline’s purported scheme began to unravel when one of his children, Matt White, used a genetic testing site and claims he found that he had up to 13 unconfirmed siblings. “I went to the section to look at the relatives and just having a whole laundry list of siblings is, you know, kind of shocking,” he says. Now, Crime Watch Daily has arranged for some of Cline’s children to meet for the first time. “I used to beg my mom for a sister every year…and [now] I have one,” says Ballard. Ballard also provides to Crime Watch Daily a recorded phone call with Dr. Cline, who admits that his wife considers his actions adultery and that it has brought problems to their 57-year marriage. Elizabeth Smart confronts Dr. Cline, who is being charged by the State of Indiana with two counts of obstruction of justice for lying to investigators about whether he provided his own sperm to his patients. His act of using his own sperm for insemination is not necessarily a crime and no additional criminal charges are being brought against him at this time. Dr. Cline has pled not guilty and is currently awaiting trial.


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