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The typical American gains about a pound during the holidays. Doesn’t seem like much right?! That will come off in no time you think to yourself, I’m going to indulge in another few pieces of pie.

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Well friends… I have some news for you. Not only are you almost guaranteed to gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Years, most of us will not lose it, it’s a vicious cycle that begins and every year we pack on more and more weight. We “think” we will go on a diet (#NewYearsResolutions), but the truth is majority of people don’t end up losing it and after a few years that one pound starts to add up.

So here’s a wild idea… why don’t we try not to gain any weight at all and then we won’t have to worry about losing it. That’s what I’m doing this year and I don’t think it’s that impractical. I do plan on indulging this year of course (#YOLO), but I’m not going to go overboard. Check out my tips for how you too can keep the scale in check this year.

Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

  1. Eat in advance. Eat a sensible meal or snack before attending a dinner or party so you won’t go crazy on the bad stuff when you get there.
  2. “Budget” your food. If you know you’re going to have a carb-heavy dinner, plan in advance and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.
  3. Allow yourself one plate of food and fill it up with proteins, veggies and fiber. Try and go easy on the carbs.
  4. Cave in to cravings, but only once a day and just a little. I eat chocolate every night (whether it’s the holidays or not), but I only allow myself one or two small pieces. Cave in to your cravings and then get over it.
  5. Beware of booze, especially holiday themed drinks. Stay away from the creamy drink and beware of too much hot chocolate.
  6. Focus on socializing and not the food. You’re there to mingle with your friends and family, not the dessert bar. Give your attention to the important things and I guarantee you’ll forget all about the pie and cheesecake. (Maybe…?)
  7. Move more. Even if you’re not a big exerciser, the more you move, the more food you can eat. That will get me to the gym that’s for sure. Just chant “Mac N Chz” over and over while you’re on the elliptical. Other ways:
    1. Take an extra lap around the mall.
    2. Park in the back row and make yourself walk farther.
    3. Walk around your neighborhood to see the lights instead of driving this year.
  8. Bring a healthy dish to the holiday party, at least they’ll be one healthy thing for you to eat. Bring it and eat it.

Things to swap:

Whole milk – skim milk or almond milk

Milk chocolate – dark chocolate

Oil – apple sauce or Greek yogurt

Butter – coconut oil or mashed avocado

1 egg – 2 egg whites

Healthy Holiday Snacks:


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Watermelon Christmas Trees

(All you need is watermelon and a knife for these healthy treats.)


Frozen Banana Pop Snowmen


Santa Banana


Grinch Santa Hats

(These are so easy… green grapes, sliced bananas, strawberries, mini marshmallows and a toothpick.)


Santa Strawberries


Vegetarian Christmas Tree


Cucumber Christmas Tree


Fruit Christmas Tree

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