Collateral Beauty on paper looks like it would be sure-fire Oscar Bait with a roster full of talent with accolades. Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley make up the cast of this drama about an Advertising mogul named Howard (Smith) who suffers a tragedy he can’t seem to recover from mentally. With his business left in limbo due to his erratic and strange behavior, Howard’s friends and coworkers hatch a scheme to either snap Howard out of his funk or make him look crazy to the higher-ups. This plan involves hiring three actors (Mirren, Knightley and Jacob Lattimore) to make him believe he is having visions in order to save the company.

If you think the plot of Collateral Beauty sounds hokey, dumb and full of manufactured sappiness, you are dead on with your assumption. The film is so silly at times with a plot that takes its inspiration from a Christmas Carol except without any of the heart, charm or that certain something that makes a movie like this watchable. There are so many side stories in the film that go nowhere and the cast is completely wasted in process.

To be quite honest, Collateral Beauty is downright insensitive at times making a mockery out of a man who suffers one of the worst things a person can go through by trying to trick him into thinking he’s hallucinating. Director David Frankel spins this film out of control while at the helm with downright stupid twists and turns trying to make up for the fact he’s ripping off at least five other movies like It’s a Wonderful Life or more recently Manchester by the Sea.

Collateral Beauty reaches for your heart-strings, but you will immediately blow off this monster disappointment with a silly story that makes everyone involved look bad. The lone bright spot if you choose to check out Collateral Beauty would be you only have to suffer through this nonsense for 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Overall, I give Collateral Beauty 0.5 out 4 stars.

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