Phew, 2016 is OVER! But what was your favorite, and least favorite, moment. Our 44 on the Town ladies made their picks for the best of worst of 2016 in the categories below:

Favorite Fashion Trend

Veronica: Cowboy boots

Tara: Chokers

Vanessa: Sneakers

Least Favorite Fashion Trend

Veronica: Chokers

Tara: Denim booty shorts

Vanessa: Birkenstocks

Favorite Song

Veronica: Tie between Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers & Make You Miss Me – Sam Hunt

Tara: Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

Vanessa: Tie between This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. RihannaDaylight – Yelawolf 

Least Favorite Song

Veronica: Panda- Desiigner

Tara: Panda- Desiigner

Vanessa: Panda- Desiigner

Favorite Phone App

Veronica: Uber

Tara: Podcast

Vanessa: Instagram (for the memes)

Favorite Emoji


Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple


Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple


Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple


Favorite Moment from 2016 (viral video, emotional moment, etc.)

Veronica: 40th Birthday Surprise from her QYK Family

Tara: Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Vanessa: Cot Dammit Elizabeth! When ur girlfriend asks u to help her with her diet



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