This is the answer page to this quiz… if you haven’t taken the quiz yet… stop and go do that now! Come back here when you’re done.


  1. It’s OK to put your elbows on the table, as long as you’re not eating.     
  2. It is appropriate to show up to a dinner party early.
  3. When passing food around a table… dishes should be passed clockwise.
  4. If there are more than a dozen people at an event, it is OK to slip out without say goodbye to the host.
  5. When out to dinner, make sure your cellphone is placed screen down on the table. 
  6. When in a theater, it’s customary to face the front of the theater when walking down the row of seats.
  7. Armrests on airplanes- The person in the middle always gets both armrests. 
  8. It is NOT ok to take off your shoes on plane, even if it’s a long flight.
  9. Proper etiquette for returning emails is 48 hours.  
  10. When talking on your cellphone, you should observe the 5-foot Proximity Rule (meaning keep a distance of 5 feet form you and the earest person).  


  1. True:    Elbows on the table are fine, as long as you’re not eating.
  2. False:   Arrive 10 – 15 minutes after the scheduled time in case the host isn’t ready.
  3. False:   Dishes should be passed counterclockwise… Your right hand should be free for serving. Sorry lefties… it’s a right hand world.
  4. True:    If the host is busy, it’s OK to leave without saying goodbye and afterward send a text or email after thanking them for inviting you.
  5. False:   Your phone should not be on the table at a restaurant.
  6. True:    Face the stage or screen so if you lose your balance you can grab the back of the seat in front of you.
  7. True:    That middle seat person doesn’t have an aisle armrest or window to lean on.
  8. False:   If your flight is more than 3 hours, it’s OK. Just don’t go barefoot and make sure you don’t have any issues with odor. (Gross!)
  9. False:   It is best to try and respond within 24 hours.
  10. False:   You should keep a distance of 10-feet from the nearest person, so you don’t bother them with your phone call.

How did you do??

If you got between 8-10 correct, you might need to relax, you’re taking life too seriously… just kidding! You’re pretty awesome.

If you got between 5-7 correct, you’re relatively well-mannered, good for you!

If you got between 2-4 correct, you’re doing OK, but maybe take some notes.

If you got less than 2 correct, there’s no help for you… just kidding. I’ll still be your friend.


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