Have you heard the good news? Beyoncé is PREGNANT!

Queen Bey shared the update on her IG at around 2pm on Wednesday, February 1st. By now you’ve seen the picture and you’ve heard that mamma Bey is pregnant with twins. In fact, you can’t look at a phone, computer or tablet without seeing that picture on the screen. But what do you think of that picture? For that matter, what do you think of the album (yes, I said ALBUM) Beyoncé posted featuring her bare bump?

Though I am overjoyed to hear the news – baby news always makes me grin – the pic leaves a bit to be desired. The IG photo looks kind of cheap. It has a Sears family portrait vibe. Maybe Beyoncé wanted to showcase the babies and keep it humble. Or perhaps Jay and Bey feel they need to save money on photography because they’re about to have a much larger family to feed. Whatever the case, you be the judge.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s pic? Tell us in the poll below and on social media: @CW44_TampaBay & Facebook.

Btw, what do I know? As I’m writing this post the IG photo has 8M likes…

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay


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