The Florida Strawberry Festival is back once again in Plant City, FL! If you’re never been or it’s been a while, now is the time! Enjoy 11 full days of strawberries, shortcake, big name concerts, rides, stage shows, attractions, food galore, exhibits, displays, contests, competitions and a berry good time for the whole family!

As a person who was raised in Plant City, Florida (that’s me below), I have looked forward to the festival for over 20+ years. I feel as though I have the full authority on all things Strawberry Festival so I’m going to tell you why you should go the Festival this year (and every year).

%name Why You Should Go to the FL Strawberry Festival This Year

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

1.) The Food

Whether you like your food fresh, fried, gooey, or just plain delicious, the FL Strawberry Festival has something for everyone. Not only do they offer everything that you would typically see at a festival such as corn dogs, funnel cakes and sausages, but they also have over 50 different strawberry dishes. As a 20+ year patron to the festival, I’d like to put a major emphasis on the “Make Your Own Strawberry Shortcake” booth, there are multiple booths and are all amazing and worth waiting in line for! The real question is, biscuit or shortcake?!

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

2.) The Concerts

The concerts are one of the best parts of the FL Strawberry Festival, not only can you hear the headline concerts from anywhere in the festival and beyond, but there are also free seats in the grandstand that are first-come, first-serve. I’d also like to mention the numerous free concerts performed at smaller stages all around the festival (more on that in #4 below).

Headline bands such as Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, Willie Nelson & Family, The Oak Ridge Boys… plus headline artists such as Scotty McCreery, Elle King, Jennifer Nettles and many, many more will all be performing on the main stage during this year’s festival.


Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Get the entire headline line-up and guarantee your seat, visit the FL Strawberry Festival website here >>

3.) One of a kind vendors

Another one of my favorite parts of the festival is walking around and seeing the exhibits and crafts that are offered. There are numerous one-of-a-kind items to be found… and majority of the vendors are small business owners in the Plant City community. You can find basically any and everything and someone has put a strawberry on it!

4.) Tons of free entertainment

Most people don’t realize how many places there are to see free live entertainment at the festival. There are stages set up all over the festival grounds to see awesome bands, solo acts and even magicians. Plus you go to The Neighborhood Village, sponsored by Kitchen Craft, which showcases homemade and handcrafted items created by folks in the community. You can also attend a live pig racing (my other favorite), as well as pet and feed livestock.

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

See more about the FREE live entertainment >>!

5.) Stock up strawberries

You can buy a flat of strawberries for a ridiculously low price, like $10 or less! (This guy below knows what’s up!) Parksdale Farm Market is a get fresh market to stop by and stock up, plus they have a really delicious strawberry milkshake, in case that’s your jam… speaking of that, they have jam too. 😉

Get some recipe ideas for all those strawberries here >> No-Bake Strawberry Recipes

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Credit: Tara Wikoff/CW44 Tampa Bay

Not only is the FL Strawberry Festival a great time but when you go, you’re supporting a local community!

The festival is here March 2 – March 12, open daily from 10am – 10pm!

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay


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