Even though Dreamworks Animation Studios has made a ton of money over the years, they have always stood in the shadows of Pixar and Disney. The computer generated cartoon company even had distribution issues before 20th Century Fox stepped in.  To make matters worse, Universal Studios animation upstart Illumination Entertainment has taken a major bite out of the family box office  recently with films like The Secret Life of Pets, Sing and The Despicable Me franchise. To compete with the likes of the little yellow Minions, Dreamworks is pulling out the big guns of cuteness in an attempt to reclaim their spot in the Hollywood Animation Food Chain.

The Boss Baby tells the story of a boy named Tim whose life is totally turned upside down when he gets an unusual baby brother referred to only as the Boss Baby. The stork didn’t bring this unique little toddler and it wasn’t the birds and the bees. Tim’s new brother comes from Baby Corp., a magical corporation that seeks cute dominance over puppies which is why the Boss Baby has arrived. The little guy from middle management is on an assignment involving Tim’s parents. Alec Baldwin voices the no-nonsense baby who is a cross between Baldwin’s famous “Coffee is for Closers”  Blake character from Glenngary Glen Ross and Bay Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Boss Baby is a smooth talking shark and what’s more cuter than a baby dressing in little business suit. Baldwin brings his dry wit to The Boss Baby, which is needed since the plot is very thin.

No much of the magic in The Boss Baby is explained which is a negative for the film. It seems the creators could have had some fun with the Baby Corp. angle similar to what audiences saw in Storks, but instead the humor just goes back to the well over and over again with jokes involving babies acting like adults. The gags and lines are still funny at moments, but ignoring the mythology surrounding the place where babies come from in the story seems like a missed opportunity. If your kids are into juvenile fart jokes, babies in suits and some cute laughs, then The Boss Baby may be good for a matinée. The animated romp has a nice message and an ending that will bring a smile to your face, just don’t expect Pixar quality and you’ll probably find a few giggles.

Overall, I give The Boss Baby 2.25 out of 4 stars.

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